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Accent to office lighting

CLEAR epitomizes the contemporary reduction of shape in a shallow streamlined luminaire profile. Using high-quality aluminum and matte acrylic, CLEAR becomes a complete design element unto itself in modern interior settings. The family of round luminaires includes four diameters ranging from 13” to 34” to satisfy a variety of scale requirements. Mounting may be surface application on walls or ceilings, or gracefully suspended as a pendant luminaire. Models of different sizes and mounting styles may be mixed or matched to complement a wide variety of interior architectural applications.

Clear surface.png

CLEAR pendant luminaires score points for its minimalist shape and use of unobtrusive materials. Stainless steel aircraft cable suspends the luminaire, providing a light airy installation appearance. The clear acrylic lens on the top of the shade provides an 8% uplight to accent the ceiling above.


• Designed in Germany, assembled in the USA
• Decorative surface-mounted luminaire in four diameters
• Shallow profile of only 3.5"
• Formed aluminum housing
• Matte acrylic lens
• Direct diffuse distribution with 8% uplight for accenting
• White or silver finish

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