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First impressions count, and ROTONDA Asymmetric in a foyer or conference room certainly achieves the desired effect.  The ROTONDA family is at home in even the largest of rooms with its voluminous fabric shades available in three diameters up to 39".  The versatile luminaire allows for new considerations in design layouts with its offset circular opening.  The decorative shade of velvet/rayon fabric over a fine matte translucent polycarbonate film may be configured from a wide-ranging choice of thirty standard colors, with the inside and outside diameters being the same or coordinated in different colors for up to 900 different color combinations.  The decorative luminaire is available in surface, stem, or pendant mounting options.

Schmitz-Wila ROTONDA Asymmetric 2c.jpg

Suspended ROTONDA Asymmetric luminaires configured in varying combinations of Fresh Orange and Limestone Grey colors

Rotonda Asymmetric Features

  • Unique offset circular opening in the shade

  • 3 diameters – 650mm (26”), 780mm (31”), and 1000mm (39”)

  • Surface, stem, or pendant mounting

  • Color temperatures:  27000K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K

  • 80CRI, 3 Macadam

  • Non-dim or Analog 0-10V dimming range to 1%

  • Thirty standard fabric colors available to product 900 different color combinations

ROTONDA Color Swatch.jpg


  • Light output:  4040 to 6680 lumens

  • Distribution - 79% Direct | 21% Indirect

  • Spacing criterion - 1.4 MH

  • UGR <19

ROTONDA Ring Photometrics.jpg
Rotonda - 2018-03_Foyer 2.jpg

Suspended ROTONDA RING with R3 beveled shade in Lime Green, Caribbean Blue, and Platinum Grey.

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